Beauty's Journey 

       We are on a journey to obtain the truest of all beauty,

              that of our Exemplar, our Savior, Jesus Christ.             

                  ​It's Not Goodbye  - Instrumental​       

 Coming Soon -  It's Not Goodbye - Sheet Music

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We all have trials in life, but God is in charge and these experiences are for our good.  Sometimes we even have experiences that are given for the sole purpose of lifting another and those become the most treasured of all.

If our experiences can help to strengthen and uplift you in your journey, then what a blessing that will be.

So this is Our Goal:  If you allow us, we would like to be a part of your journey.  We would like to help bring understanding and lift and

strengthen you in your journey.  

It's Not Goodbye        ​preview

We are Beauty's Journey.  We are Country and Gospel Singers. We are Sisters and YES we are Twins.  We are excited to share with you, our love of music and our love of life.  

We want to share our songs with you, because they are our hopes, our dreams, our happiness, our heartache, our prayers, and the answers to our prayers.  Our songs are our journey.  They came as a great gift from God to us and we would like to share this gift with you.